1. Call to Order
A. Roll Call
2. Approval of Agenda
1. Motion to approve the Agenda.
3. Minutes for Approval
1. BCC Special Meeting of 09/06/2017 at 1:00 p.m.
documentMinutes for Approval Printout
a. Minutes 09-06-2017
4. Comments and Concerns from the Public for Non-Agenda Items
5. Zoning Meeting
Steele Equine Veterinary Services/Performance Horse Center requests a Special Exception to develop a vocational-technical school and related dormitory housing for 07-14 students and training on 20.02+/-acres zoned A-1 (Agriculture) in the Agriculture Future Land Use Category. The parcel is situated on the North side of SR64E, West of Old Town Creek Rd., Hardee County; Parcel No. 33 33 27 0000 00600 0000.
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A. Steele Equine
6. Appointments
A. Request approval and authorization for Chairman to sign Resolution 2017-36 amending a development order for the Mosaic South Fort Meade - Hardee County Mine, approving an amendment to the Master Mining and Reclamation Plan, approving a Mining Major Special Exception Use, finding the modification does not constitute a substantial deviation.
documentAppointment Printout
a. Resolution 2017.36
b. Attachements for Resolution 2017-36 Mosaic SFM -HC Infill parcels 47.9 acres
c. Mosaic SFM MMSE 49.7 acre addition memo and staff summary
B. Request approval and authorization for the Chairman to sign Resolution 2017-41 extending the declaration of a local state of emergency in Hardee County for an additional seven days; through September 27, 2017. This resolution will be retroactive to September 20, 2017.
documentAppointment Printout
a. Res 17-41 HurricaneIrma declaration
C. Discuss tipping fees for vegetative waste.
documentAppointment Printout
a. Tipping Fees Memo
7. County Manager
8. County Attorney
9. Other Business
10. Comments from Commissioners Or Other Elected Officials
11. Reminders
12. Adjournment