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I. Call to Order
1. Roll Call
II. Approval of the Agenda.
1. Motion to approve the Agenda.
III. Purpose of Meeting
IV. Tentative Budget Presentation
V. Resolution 2017-34:
1. Motion to adopt Resolution 17-34, for setting the tentative millage rate of 8.8991 mills.
VI. Resolution 2017-35:
1. Motion to adopt Resolution 17-35, for setting the tentative operating budget of $56,382,526.00.
VII. Reminders
VIII. Resolution 17-20 - Special Assessment Rates for Fire Assessments
1. Motion
IX. Resolution 2017-21 - Special Assessment Rates for Solid Waste Collection
1. Motion
X. Resolution 17-17 - Fee Schedule
1. Motion
XI. Adjournment